Transformation: Accepting The Laws Of Change

“Hell hath no fury…”

Hey everyone! Been away for a while. My apologies for that. See, where I’m from, earthquakes are a very serious matter. They are dangerous and very deadly. And we just had two of them a few weeks ago.

I live in the Mexican Caribbean. Our concern is more centered in tropical storms and hurricanes, of which 3 of the later, have already impacted on US territory, mainly Texas and Florida.

And Let’s not forget the brutal pummeling that Puerto Rico, Dominica and the US Virgin Islands got with Irma and Maria, this last one having the dimensions of a 50-mile wide tornado, destroying anything and anyone that stood on it’s way.

Transformation: The Laws of Change
No town, no city, indeed, no island or country could withstand such unbridled energy. Puerto Rico took it in the chin…twice.

And meanwhile, back in my country, 3 states got hit with a 7.5 earthquake, and then the big one happened in Mexico City, which even today we are still recovering from both psychologically and emotionally.

Blind eye to the laws of change...
Many people have died.

The news media try to keep the numbers under control. But the truth is that the exact death toll will never be known.

What makes this disaster even more painful in the psyche of many Mexicans, is the fact that many of the victims were children and teenagers, caught in this disaster while attending school.

Of course, questions remain in regards to structural integrity of collapsed buildings, especially the schools where whole roofs collapsed on top of innocent students. Who is to blame? Who is responsible?

Who will pay for the suffering of the broken families left behind?

As is the case in many Latin American countries, no one knows, no one takes responsibility. At times, it would seem that the authorities involved have turned a blind eye to the undeniable laws of change…

“Time may change me but I can’t trace time” – David Bowie

And so, it made me think a bit about life, how precious, and fragile it can be, against nature’s wrath. It may sound dramatic. But I think wrath is the right choice of word here.

My wife and I went through Wilma, back in 2005, and got our first taste of a category 5 hurricane. An experience which I would encourage anyone to avoid, both before, during and after the storm.

Anyway, life is precious and short. Buddha once wisely said “The problem is that we think we have time”.

My friends, time we have, but it is finite. We must make the most of the time we have here, surely live the present, but also prepare for the future.

Take an active stance towards what is important to us, our ocean-loving community, and how to impact positively in the now and in the future.

This blog has been an attempt to appreciate, understand, and enjoy all the goodness that comes from safe responsible practice of ocean water sports. The last 10 posts published have thus far made up this blog and it is my hope is that this at least has been accomplished.

It is now time to turn to more valuable topics which I sincerely hope will help you in your personal development and growth. Action Water Sports (AWS) have influenced my life in a very positive manner. Many of you have experienced this growth, this “stoke”, after a great barrel, planning on your kite or windsurf board, or doing a perfect bottom turn.

Something very special happens at that moment when everything “clicks” and you are in the zone, deep in a barrel, flying high above the waves, or diving deeper than you ever had before.

I believe this is the growth part of the activities we so cherish. So entranced and excited are we, that we can’t wait to tell our friends and loved ones what just transpired in our lives in those few, brief seconds. Whether they understand it or not is besides the point. But growth is like that.

Sometimes it is only something that you, and you alone, understand.


In the next posts that I will be publishing, you will find continuation of interesting articles about the AWS. This will always be so. Surfsentinel, above all else, will remain a blog about AWS found around the world.

From Mexico to Argentina, from Hawaii to Morocco (yes indeed, and you will be amazed how active the surfing community is there), from Australia to Mentawais, Sumatra, Java and beyond.

This blog will also be a bridge of communication, focused on educating and involving “sentinels” around the world who also share a deep love and respect of our planet’s oceans.

Self Development through Action Water Sports

But you will now also have access to articles, posts and videos that will help and inspire you to reach your full potential, strive for that goal, that dream that, for some reason, you have yet to accomplish.

Think about this for a minute. Where would you like to be at this precise moment. Really. If you had a passive income stream that allowed you to be anywhere in the world, without having to worry about where the next pay check is coming from, where would that be? What would you be doing? Where would you go next?

It sounds inviting and, I know, for some of you, it might be the time when you are saying “OK, here we go with another pipe dream. Luis, please stick with the cool videos and AWS articles. Heard all before. Not interested”.

Ah, but here is the thing, my fellow Sentinels, this lifestyle can be yours. There is no doubt in my mind. No doubt whatsoever. It all comes down to MINDSET. And together we will reach for this star, for this objective.

Together, through trials and tribulations, failings and accomplishments, we will get there.

“Calm seas do not make an able mariner…”

You need skills.

Attributes that will help you guarantee the continuation of your lifestyle, even when you are away from whichever activity you enjoy most.

Like I mentioned before, life is short and precious. We must take care of our bodies and minds being ready for that next dive, that next barrel.

We must also remain mindful of our emotions. We must learn to be masters of our emotions. This will give us great power over ourselves and enhance our relationships with others we know and love to no end.

Financial independence. This is the key to the lifestyle we want to achieve. Perhaps many of you have already achieved it. Kudos! Now, think of ways to guarantee its continuation. For the rest of us, the path to financial independence is financial education.

Think of your health. You must invest time and discipline to maintain a healthy body to function properly in the water. Healthy eating habits goes hand in hand here. What will you do to fuel your body properly and help avoid injury?

Think of your financial IQ. The mind is the largest organ of the human body. You must develop it just like any other muscle. You will now find posts and articles that deal with improving your financial IQ. Mind you, I am not a financier, but over the years, I have read quite a bit about personal finances and strategies on how to improve our financial IQ.

I will be happy to share this valuable information with you.

Strategize and apply…

Passive income. Another cornerstone that will allow us to enjoy the lifestyle we want.

Simply put, passive income is income you are creating while doing other activities, hopefully activities you greatly enjoy, like AWS!

Passive income can come from activities as varied as learning how to invest in the stock market, investing in real state and collecting rentals from tenants, or having different income streams from different online business models.

We will touch on all these at a later time. But the fact remains that, whichever passive income strategy you choose to implement, to have success, you must be BRUTALLY CONSISTENT!

¬†And so we turn the page…

So there you have it. A bit of a change, to be sure. But the winds of change are here to stay, and many times, they bring good things.

It is my heartfelt wish that the information I will be providing you in the near future will be of some value to you, Sentinels around the world.

Surely, sometimes I will tend to ramble on a bit (perhaps I’m already there!). But it is with the best of intentions. Please offer your comments, your critiques. It’s OK. I will gladly follow your advice whenever it is offered to improve the content I publish. Thank you and talk soon!

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