Does Procrastinating Mean I have No Sense Of Accountability? – Part 2

Hey sentinels! Happy New Year to all of you wherever you may be reading my blog, for which I am ever so greatful!

It has been an incredible 7 months now since I started Surfsentinel and blogging about all matters relative to self development, action water sports and ocean conservancy.

It is now time for setting new goals for 2018 and making every effort to make those goals come true.

Tony Robbins

I would like to share with you a quote from one of my favorite life coaches ever, Tony Robbins. I feel it fits in perfectly with starting the new year with a clear and powerful message:

Does procrastination mea I have no sense of accountability.

We continue with part two of strategies on how to break away from procrastination. It is so essential to understand and apply these strategies now that you have some of your goals ahead of you.

Please read on and make sure you give me your comments below. And more importantly, share this information with someone you think might benefit from this article. Here we go:

8. Take bold action. Have absolute certainty.

Tony Robbins says it best. The key for incredible success is:

1) Have absolute certainty in what you are doing.

2) Take massive action.

That’s it! Sound easy, right? Well, for many of us it is a bit harder than that.

You may have absolute certainty but you are unsure as to how to take massive action.

In my case, I’m pretty much of an introvert. Networking and going out of my way to meet new people has always been a big challenge. But once I shined the light on that dark room, it wasn’t so bad.

I looked for online communities with like interests. Not all of them are welcoming, it’s true. But I took the time to look for the ones that would.

I now have acquaintances and friends on action water sports self development and digital marketing communities in FB, Twitter and Google+. I have yet to get into Instagram but I will eventually get to it.


9. Set real goals

My suggestion here is to be realistic with setting your goals.

Apply the S.M.A.R.T. strategy when creating your goals. Make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

Also, try to share them with a friend or loved one. Have them be your accountability buddy. This really helps a lot to keep focused in achieving your goals.

Here is a blog post from Darren Rowse, at Pro Blogger, with additional advice on how to have SMART goals.

Also, have a look at this site, Goals On Track, for daily advice on how to reach your goals. It’s a pretty awesome site with tons of great tips. No affiliate commission here. Just great useful info.

10. Face the music everyday

So today was not perfect. You feel like you accomplished nothing. You don’t understand the new lesson, skill, code, or whatever it is that is making you feel crappy right now.

Hey, remember not beating yourself up above? Well there you go.

Facing the music every day goes hand in hand with that. You will face good days and bad days. That’s just what life does. If it throws crap at you, spread in your face, body, and all around. ACCEPT IT.

And the rest throw it at the wall, clean yourself up and keep going. Hopefully, you can find the inspiration you need to face the music every day.

11. Get radical in your habits

Not a morning person? Work out in the morning, before going to work…are you crazy? ABSOLUTELY!

This is getting radical with your habits.

You must shake the foundations a bit to attract the changes you desire in you life.

No time in the morning, ok then, make the effort in the afternoon. Here’s one that can bring quick results:

Eliminate all sodas and soft drinks in your diet.

Eat well and have your normal meals. Sodas and soft drinks simply do not exist. See how you feel in one week.

Or try this one:

Substitute your morning coffee (whaaat??) with glass of warm water and half a slice of lime. Changes your PH, helps eliminate morning breath, gives you an almost immediate energy boost (I drink it before working out), and promotes good digestion and fat loss. Pretty powerful stuff. And so easy to make.

Try it for at least 10 days and you will feel a big difference in your morning start up.

12. Revise your tool chest

Perhaps you have a book or a magazine where you read once read about tips on how to beat procrastination. Maybe you heard or watched a video on YouTube about this topic.

Go back and read or watch the article again.

We live in incredible times, where great information is out there for the taking, much of it free.

Subscribe to authors, bloggers, or people that have been there, where perhaps you are right now; they don’t necessarily need to be experts and PhD’s.

If what they have experienced resonates with you and they can offer a solution for your problem, then accept and learn from their teachings.

13. Celebrate your successes

Pretty clear cut here. It’s not all uphill, my friends!

When you reach a goal, celebrate it!

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Share your success with friends and loved ones, ideally with the ones that understand what you are doing.

If that’s not available for you yet, then share your success with your online community. Believe me, many of them will congratulate you sincerely.Like you, they have also gone through what you just went through.

They know the feeling of reaching that goal. So share it and let them know!

14. Delegate

Also very clear.

If you definitely find something you are not good at, or that you simply do not like or enjoy doing, find someone who does.

Outsource and delegate.

Fiverr and UpWorks are good outsourcing online resources which you could try when you arrive at this point, and you will get there, sooner or later.

Don’t stop. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. If you have financial means to get help from content, copy or design freelancers, go for it!

Finally out of the hole…

Procrastination. Not doing what you know that you have to do. It’s a bad habit. One of the worst.

And I’m sorry to say, one the most pervasive. Like a chronic malady, it’s always there, waiting for a wrong move to pinch a painful nerve.

The good news is that you can always identify it whenever you feel it creeping back into your life again.

Remember to pause. Be aware of that feeling in your stomach. Got to get it done! Ok, there it is. Now that you know you have to get it done, whatever that is, go to the source.

Why aren’t you getting it done?

What’s holding you back?

Got it?

Ok, now shine the crap out of it and make the source of your problem visible, as bright as day. Make the monsters go away. All of a sudden you realize, hey, it’s not so bad. That’s right. It rarely ever is.

I really hope you enjoyed this article…

Procrastination is a bad habit that I have faced throughout all of my life. Fortunately, I am not alone. It is something that everyone experiences regularly in one’s life.

The key is knowing how to break away from this terrible habit.

Have you had bouts with procrastination? Share them here and let me know how you managed to get out of it. What did you learn?

And thanks for staying with me this long. Hopefully you have found something here that you can use in your daily life.

This is the first of four articles of how the power of fear can place limits on achieving our dreams. Next week, I will be sharing with you advise and strategies on how to finally break the fear barrier to find what is on the other side. See you then!